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Paul McCartney will be huge someday

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  • Paul McCartney will be huge someday

    Kanye West fans question who Paul McCartney is after Only One collaboration | Daily Mail Online
    Writer extraordinaire.

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    With how accessible all information in the universe is these days it blows my mind how ignorant kids are, mine included.

    With pretty limited resources when I was younger I not only knew about shit I was interested in but also stuff my parents and grand parents were interested in.

    It also blows my mind that this kids are so stupid they wouldn't even take the 5 seconds it takes to google Paul McCartney before posting something ignorant for the world to see.

    Only thing that gives me peace of mind is that I will be dead before most of these idiots are in charge of anything important.


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      Too late Mikey.
      Fuck you, Tiger


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        I don't consider facebook "something important". The old idiots are still in charge of most of the shit I care about.