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Cowboys flag debacle gives credence to conspiracy theories

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  • Cowboys flag debacle gives credence to conspiracy theories

    Cowboys flag debacle gives credence to conspiracy theories | New York Post

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    Even worse than that was the defensive holding on the Lions on the back inside the tackle box trying to break through for a screen on third down that would have forced the Cowboys to kick a fg. Same play, feet away, a Cowboys Big Ugly was mauling the Lions defensive end.

    Nothing new here. And nothing will change. Just like an Obama scandal. Wait it until people get bored or distracted. As soon as Homo throws three round gowns and beats Rodgers, completely forgotten.
    Fuck you, Tiger


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      That's not why the Lions Lo$t the game. They Lo$t the game because they gave up a 14-0 lead and their coach is a stupid pussy who had 3rd and 1 inside Dallas territory to ice it and he punted after trying won low percentage passing play.
      Fuck you, Tiger


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        Automatic 4 down or fg territory. You don't play for field position in the 4th qtr. You play to win the game. Even Herm Edwards knows that.
        Fuck you, Tiger


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          Multiple penalties on the play.
          Should have been offsetting.

          Pettigrew holding Hitchens facemask:

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            Crony ..... LOL.....That's not hands to the face or even a face mask.....This is what you call subterfuge.....The actual call is DEFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE.....PERIOD.....Prior to 2008 that would have been a five-yard penalty for incidental face mask....That rule was eliminated in 2008 and PRESENTLY for a fifteen-yard face mask it has to have a forceful jerk or violent pull or twist, none of which Pettigrew did. And, most importantly he almost immediately let go of the face mask. If he didn't then they probably could have called a fifteen-yard face mask penalty.

            Sorry, Detroit got hosed and I'm not a fan of either Detroit or Dallas. In fact, I hate the NFL and I really don't watch it anymore for reasons just like this. It's a fraud league that only delivers more hype than substance. Ohhhh, and the only reason I know about this is because I was told about it.

            Let the second guessing begin.


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              The official source for NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more.

              Grasping Facemask

              Article 5 No player shall twist, turn, or pull the facemask of an opponent in any direction.

              Does not have to be the old 15 yarder to qualify.
              All they did was take away the official discretion.


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                NFL head of officiating: Cowboys got away with one vs. Detroit Lions


                Dean Blandino acknowledges Cowboys got away with one | ProFootballTalk


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                  Make no mistakes. Even if both the PI and unsportsmanlike were called, the Lions would have settled for a fg, Homo would have gotten the touch and Stafford would have choked. 24-23 final instead of 24-20. If the Refs didn't fuck the Lions defense after they fucked the Lions offense, would have went to OT 20-20 and the Cowboys would have won in OT.
                  Fuck you, Tiger


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                    I once called 8 penalties on one team, and none on the other. I don't normally care who wins a game, and barely keep the sides straight when calling a penalty, but in this case, I was consciously looking for a penalty against the team who had none. I know I am suppose to let penalties "jump out at me", but I felt so bad about the lopsided calls, that I was LOOKING to call one against the other team.

                    I couldn't find one.

                    Their lineman were blocking to perfection. Hands inside the frame, below the shoulders, blah blah blah. Good clean blocking and tackling. It was a very well coached team.

                    I find it interesting that the officials in this case, were missing blatant penalties against Dallas. Two officials in the backfield, and they are missing obvious holding calls, hands to the face, etc. There is no way it's accidental (in my opinion).

                    It should be noted though, fans and cameras often have a different angle than officials, and it's easy to get screened.


                    In the game that I called 8 penalties on one side, and none on the other. The team with 8 penalties happened to have an african american coach. At some point during the game, I was accused of racism. When they made the accusation I did not respond, but rather just tipped my head down, slightly cocked to the side, eyes raised, as if to say "really?", then made a very clear 'head turn' and nod to the other sideline...who's team ALSO had an african american coach. LOL.
                    "If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.


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                      Never forget:
                      FANS THINK FIX WAS IN FOR CHARGERS-STEELERS | ProFootballTalk


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                        Originally posted by nino brown
                        how can I forget with people mentioning it here every few months, I have tried to forget. I can't believe that happened in 2008 seems like only 2 r 3 years ago


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                          I have a hard time forgetting 41-donut (there were actually two of those in playoff games, 3 years apart. vikes giants, and jets 41 Peyton Manning 0)

                          I have a hard time forgetting a certain 98 vikings falcons NFC title upset. We all have to live with "the Knee", and now jerry kill is taking knees at the end of halves too.

                          I have a hard time forgetting 09 Vikings saints. Watching one saint after another take a grossly late shot at Favre without penalty. Watching Favre throw one of his patent late game pics in that one as well.

                          We watched Favre throw lots of playoff games away. 3 pic 6's vs the rams, a pass that looked more like a punt in OT vs the Eagles (to 2 Eagle players that looked like they might take a fair catch, except no packers were within 15 yards). The late playoff pic right in the chest of a giants linebacker.

                          I have a hard time forgetting that the Oakland Raiders Center mysteriously disappeared right before the superbowl. Didn't gannon throw 3 pic 6's in that game? Wasn't he the league MVP that year?

                          I have a hard time forgetting the Tuck Rule, even though I never saw it again.

                          The ed hockule.

                          I have a hard time forgetting Tommy Maddux threw 3 pic 6's to help pittsburgh lose to the Houston Texans in their first or 2nd year, who had 57 yards of TOTAL OFFENSE.

                          I have a hard time forgetting this year, Tampa was losing 56-0 to Atlanta at one point on a Thursday night game, yet walked into Pittsburgh the following week and won straight up.

                          I have a hard time forgetting the Ravens won 5 strt games one year, without the aid of a single offensive td (ok, that wasn't a fix).

                          I have a hard time forgetting the one vikings game, where brett favre rolled around to the right on 3rd and 2 from the 5 with a minute left in the 1st half, had nothing but grass between him and the goal line, could have walked for a first down, or a td, yet stepped across the line of scrimmage, and then threw an illegal forward pass into the end zone. Then laughed about it on the sideline, as his team settled for 3, keeping the game under in the 1st half, and eventually costing them the game.

                          I can't forget tony homo muffing a snap to lose a playoff game.

                          I can't forget the giants not muffing a snap for 400 consecutive tries, but doing it twice in the same game against the 49ers in a playoff game. I also can't forget the 2nd time, there should have been an interference call on the subsequent throw by the holder, but the refs failed to call it.

                          I can't forget the interference call on a hail mary in a newengland buffalo game,and subsequent 2 point conversion that gave them the cover. Who calls interference on a hailmary? Oh, but they did call it on Jimmy Graham this year though.

                          I can't forget 0 loss New England losing to 1 or NO win, Miami, and 3 or 4 Brady pics. He had that funny solemn look on his face that he gets every time he's about to throw away a game. He had the same look this year, when they got smoked by the chiefs, and everyone wanted him to retire.

                          I can't forget the giants backing into the playoffs, and beating a very good tampa team, homo, favre, and brady, all away from home in consecutive weeks.

                          I can't forget my friend going to an insurance seminar in the 80's, sitting next to chuck foreman, and chuck telling him, "the NFL is fixed".

                          I didn't believe it at the time. I didn't want to.

                          But I'll give you 100 examples, and a 100 more while you read them.

                          I will never convince anyone who doesn't want to believe, but I believe between the QB's, kickers, coordinators, and referees, you can get any game to come out the way you want. It's one of the reasons they want to do away with kickoffs. They can't control that sht, except for throwing holding flags, or blocks in the back.

                          Why the hell do you think they keep recycling these same coaches over and over and over.

                          I can't forget when Butch Davis quit, he said he "feared for the safety of his family".

                          I can't forget the guy Hernandez allegedly shot, texted "NFL" on his phone to his girlfriend...and he was allegedly shot because "he couldn't keep his mouth shut".

                          McNair. Shot.

                          Jr Seau Shot.

                          Did a couple of Favre's cousins drown in his pool? Or is that just a rumor?

                          A guy like Irving Fryer takes the payoff to drop balls in the orange bowl vs Miami, but he wouldn't take a payoff in the NFL?


                          Looks almost as bad as this:

                          "If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.


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                            "If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.


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                              I remember Irving Friar cut his hands doing dishes the night before the Superbowl?? wtf.