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John Madden: Tom Brady may be to blame for deflated footballs

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  • John Madden: Tom Brady may be to blame for deflated footballs

    John Madden: Tom Brady may be to blame for deflated footballs | New York Post

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    It is clear from what has come out it was accepted league policy to alter the balls. This is another Ray Rice situation where Goodell is trying the ignorance is bliss defense. analyzer said the refs would notice if the balls were deflated. He is a ref. Case closed. Guilty your honour.
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      Kimberly Guilfoyle ‏@kimguilfoyle 49m49 minutes ago
      Please follow an American hero @mchooyah. He fired the first and final shots that killed Osama bin Laden. He's a true patriot.

      Rand Paulie ‏@RandPaulie 9m9 minutes ago
      @kimguilfoyle @mchooyah If he was true Patriot, he would have used deflated bullets.
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        who the hell is madden to talk about ethics, when he was coaching the raiders al davis was bugging the other team's locker room.


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          Ex-players react: Brady’s cluelessness ‘unbelievable’ | New York Post


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            Don’t believe pretty-boy Brady: Someone is lying | New York Post


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              I really just don't give a fuck about this, at all. Every single player on every single team does something each week to try and get an advantage. From what they put in their body, to what equipment they select, to how they suit up.

              To me, this is the NFL's problem. If there is an issue with the rule or the procedure they should step up and fix it and put this shit to bed so we can move on.

              They need to take a page from NASCAR. Shit that is wrong over the weekend is handled on Tuesday and they are on to the next town, end of story. It's Friday now, they are still "investigating" and last I heard they haven't even talked to Brady yet.

              More people need to be piling on the NFL than the Patriots if you ask me.

              I wish someone would get a DUI or a brawl so we can shift focus.


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                +1 Mikey. Lack of Institutional Control comes to mind. That gets a college team on probation.
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                  NFL, though, is in charge of investigating and punishing itself. Incest.
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