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    Alright as all have guessed the Milwaukee Bucks are the team I am talking about. So that we are clear I have been calling them the "Cream Cheese Bucks" all season.

    The famous ESPN skit of soft, soft, soft, David Robinson fame is in play here. Only its the entire Bucks organisation that is not a player on the team I am talking about.

    The different types of angst being generated is one organisation problem after another none can figure out. There are many. I will start this from a talking head perspective first and say what they don't dare let themselves think much less say and go from there.

    Giannis is highly paid number 2 option. He is simply not a number 1. The some total of announcers break down of the team shows that you have seven definite pieces signed thru the next two years clean with no expiring contract and other bullshit issues that disrupt things.

    You have your team in place already. He told me without naming them whom is leaving. It appears that you are looking for more veteran hardened clip board type players to strengthen up the back end.

    The truth is you are looking for a number 1. The ones that would fit this team are defiantly not available. No one is going to help you with anything as well.

    You have your team in place already like it or not.

    The very first problem is what I call the King Giannis Carriage factor. One and All are carrying this carriage all over the planet letting the platitudes rain down on you ad nauseam.

    MVP. La La La. Defensive Player of the Year. La La La. All Star MVP. La La La. And so on. With all the wide eyed shucks and aws you can throw in.

    How full of yourselves all of you are.

    Take that carriage and all the royal like minute that comes with it and throw it into the deepest part of Lake Michigan and never ever act like that again. Seriously.

    Trying to be all things to all people is the principal driver. Fuck that Shit. The majority of the people are just going along for the ride, floating on the clouds, while trying to make a living at the same time.

    They contribute nothing to the orginisation nor the team. Its just one big party to them. Start showing these people the door.

    Its time to close ranks around here, start getting hard about things and focus much better on what one and all are doing.

    None have no idea about any of the embarrassing things going on with this team. The things that happened just with Sundays game is enough.

    We are going to get all that straightened out. Sick shit right in front of everyone's face. What La La L.A. ing it gets you.

    Before we do that I have decided it is best to talk to Giannis directly first.

    Three are a few things we need him to do in order for us to get things straightened out the right way.

    When I come back from my nap here in a few hours I will pick it up from there.

    The Voice of a New Generation.


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      actually followed that one.


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        Ok Giannis here is what one and all need you to do more than anything else.

        STOP BEING A FAN OF IT ALL. You are very clearly watching the NBA games while you are playing.

        That watch out for that guy, don't get him started, he might go for 50 60 70 points was positive insanity coming from you. You do not know how big you are as the saying goes.

        Nothing says ole like that statement. Don't mind me is another way to look at it. You have no plans getting in the way of that it does appear. There is a reason your lead announcer is on the verge of tears.

        That gushing about Kevin in the New York Post was even worse. Which was preceded by the catch up with your buddy chat on national tv whom as it just so happens was playing for the other TEAM at the time. You can not do that. The players on the other team are NOT your friends.

        That's a perfect example of an orginisational problem. That was clearly scripted. In no way was that a good thing.

        At this point and time Giannis the Bucks remind me of the Steve Nash led Dallas teams. They won a bunch of games and all that jazz. And then flopped in the second round.

        If you do that one to many times in the NBA said team is looking at an 82 game preseason the next year. That's exactly what happened to them. You can do nothing right.

        If the Bucks do not win the conference championship this is what the team will be looking at next year.

        Therefore ergo how about you get yourself started. How about watching out for yourself and going for 50 60 70 points a game. You are legit for 50 anytime as it is right now. You scored the quietest 49 points in NBA history because of Kevin's other worldly performance.

        People saw what is expected of him while at the same time you were NOT seen doing that, STARTING WITH YOU.

        In the end Giannis you and the are in same exact position Shaq was with Orlando and David Robinson with San Antonio. Both teams dumped the carriage, got rid of people, closed ranks while David and Shaq worked on Reinventing both their games and public personas.

        Neither has looked back since.

        Therefore as I am very want to do I am going to reach out to Shaq and ask him to take you under his wing and work with you one on one on this subject.


        The Voice of a New Generation.


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          maybe dinque, wilcox, or robbie could explain this to me so i can fully appreciate what ive just read.


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            Ok everybody before I reveal the adjustments for the Bucks do keep in mind when it comes to the NBA I rarely have opinions, do any real scouting, much less make adjustments. I have 3 tonite. Just about everything I come up with has a Vegas betting or content type deal attached. Its what I do.

            I have an internal rating system for the NBA that gives me a better idea where teams are really at vs what their record and other things are really saying. There is something that is bothering me about the Bucks that is occurring outside of the game. My scale proves that I am right. It goes a little something like this.

            If you are a GM the first thing you have to ask yourself before a season starts is do I see a 36 win team. In a 6 month season that's 6 wins a month vs. 7.6 losses.

            If you don't you got nothing. To be considered a professional basket ball team you have to be a 45 win team. 8 games above 500. You are the team in the picture and you get the good Harry Potter action as a reward.

            You were on that team? Yeah says you in the picture. If not in what I am sure I got from Mr Detroit is a team known as I'll take that dude, I'll take thst dude, that dude alright to. I am not sure what's going to happen to the others.

            At 48 wins you are a team of ballers. 3 wins does not seem like much until you realize that you go from an 8 wins above 500 team to 14. Very respectable.

            At 53 you loss less than 30 games which is something only Big Ole Dudes can do. You have bigger muscles, you are taller and look better as well. The team no one wants to play. You really are just one player away. The media loves these types the most.

            At 56 wins you are Big Ballers. 30 wins above 500. As good as it gets. Feel free to use that.

            The big flaw with the Bucks this year is that are beating the teams they are supposed to and losing to the ones they shouldn't. With the added insult of never being in those games.

            What has been bothering me is that they are playing pitch perfect platform hoops. Whirley will print you out by the numbers a 48 and 34 team every year.

            In our language the Bucks quant up and beat the good teams and quant down and lose to the so, so teams. This what Whirley would do. The less it has to quant the worse it will do.

            The mid high sets they run and the way Giannis quarterbacks it all in a very precise way feeds the bespoke mechanism to the point that makes me say the Bucks are playing hoops in a paint by numbers way.

            Incredible as it sounds the Bucks are as close to a 3D printed team in any sport as you will ever see. Everything they are doing is pitch to how this thing works.

            Their record says they are Big Ballers. The reality is they are just Ballers. Second round and out best. You can see it in how they play.

            Its as good as a simulation. They are to wedded to the reports that come out and way more important the production numbers it produces.

            They are playing in the way the NFL has to, to produce the good PR numbers. To few of everything dictates that they do.

            In hoops this is not the way to go. You can not make a highly unpredictable game as predictable as they are trying to do. To much of everything. They are over conscious of it all.

            Its showing in the way they play. This is not good.

            They have to unchain from it all.


            The Voice of a New Generation.


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              Steve Smith of the NBA network paid Giannis a very high compliment that he does know he did in the way he did.

              Steve sees his game in Giannis if Giannis had a perimeter game like him. The fact is Giannas does not need the perimeter game to execute the rest of what Steve does.

              Lets get one thing straight before we go further. The touches he would need to develop this game is either coming from his mid high sets, his team mates or both.

              He is at the top of the league in touches already. There is no real way to increase them. Parrish the thought.

              My adjustment for the Bucks is to turn Giannis into an on the move facilitator. It is same game as the mid high but on the move. In bucks case it would not change much of what they do. They are to predictable from the post.

              Teams are sitting on them as a result. Their over the top shooting talent hides it.

              He has the 14 an in game and spacing mastered. He only needs to learn to do the same passes and moves he is doing now on the move. He has the perfect pair of point guards to do it with.

              I would invert the 2 at the rack and three at the arc to 3 and 2 thus putting maximum pressure on the rack at all times and just flat terrorize teams. Not unlike what Zion is doing. We are looking at only about 30 games to win it all.

              They have nothing to lose are in complete danger with out a sense for it what so ever. Tonites game and triple so that ending set me off. On behalf of all whom have been trying to keep a cover on it all that's it.

              I am now going to call in the person whom has been watching with great interest, the person I have been trying to channel, Isaiah Thomas. They need that thing only you can do shoved right up the wazoo. Forget talking.

              There are to many things to go over here. They are simply not getting it. I know and I am sure all others have never seen an inbound play at the end of game from the team that was winning as if they were losing.

              Are you kidding me Jeff Van Gundy me said. Did I just see that? Yes, says Mark Jackson. He got a kick out of that.

              Sums it up for me.

              And there you go for me. Giannis has never been asked to do any of that on the move, but I am positive he can.

              All athletes know how all encompassing the production number is. It determines how and how much all get paid in a very black and white way.

              In the Bucks case they have been encompassed by the platform. To this platform masters eye everything they do is to perfect to what Whirley does. I am not getting that.

              My rating scale proves me right. Some are better as well.

              The fact that they are not even crawling back into the game against the weaker teams they are losing to exposes it. I do not think they have come back from one all year.

              From a quant perspective this right. From an how it is in the NBA its completely abnormal this far into a season.

              Putting them in an on the move position and putting max pressure on the rack is their best bet to escape.

              Thats all there is to it.


              The Voice of a New Generation.


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                Alright Clippers listen up.

                Incredibly last night someone at the 6 minute mark of the third quarter the night before last exposed the flaw in your 3 point prowess game. To which I replied yuuup. That's what I was thinking.

                He also exposed that you are being counter plotted against in a we are going to black bag Paul and Kawhi kind of way. Its more than just exploiting the indecision of whose going to take the shot when both are on the floor.

                Its hard to explain. None the less since you are my pick to win it all, here is your deal.

                This is very clearly Paul Georges team. The phental part of his game has kicked in big time and he is playing better than ever.

                The best way to best back out all of the funny business is to make Is Kawhi the 6th man on the team. No one would dare think this. You need the real time threat of his fire power coming off the bench aka Lou Williams style.

                Keeping only one of them on the floor for most of the game will cut the indecision down big time. You are likely to play sharper as a result. There are times when the players on the floor appear to be holding their breath when both are on the floor. They don't want to get in the way.

                It will be a confidence booster I am sure. The relax factor is important as well. The sooner you announce this the better. A positive game changer. A very Jaws like sound effect.

                Attention Nate McMillian. The only people who know how dangerous the hawks are coming into the playoffs are one, your announcers two, Philadelphia.

                The all 5 phases of the game close out in those back to back games is the best they played all season. Its not the Bucks or Nets, it's the Hawks. They have been watching you for awhile.

                How I know you are not aware is how you treated the Chicago game. Just another regular preseason of no importance. After getting beat down like that most teams would take out it on whomever is next.

                What you did to Phoenix proves the fact that they are going to be playing cities every night instead of teams.

                They knew this was coming. The body language when they left the court and other things tell me so. Not that were trying to lose or anything, they knew a surge was coming. Take out Chris and what you have is tall inexperience.

                The you think that was something, wait to a play in team with zilch to lose comes in here.

                To end this the fact that the Hawks are not in the talking heads rotation of things on the national stage tells me the Hawks are being disrespected.

                You are the right coach with 4 of the right veterans and a core unit that is playing well. You are a legit. 10 deep.

                I have never heard an announcer as confident as the one whom keeps saying I wouldn't want to play these guys when the playoffs come. I agree. I have the same gleam in my eye that he does.

                The Hawks have to start acting like they know as well and put everyone on notice as to how it all is going to go down.

                It is that simple.

                The Voice of a New Generation.


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                  As we are very want to say in Lad Vegas, Thank You, Thank you very much.


                  The Voice of a New Generation.


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                    Everybody wants to be team in the picture. I created a monster. Its all about content and getting people excited about things. In today's sports betting world the betting has taken a back seat to the many other things available.

                    The proposal I am about to lay out to you came to me during the Laker, Clipper game. Its driven by the fact that the Wizards and the Warriors have sold us on a back end team making into the playoffs.

                    We all want more of that action.

                    So I revisited my plan and this is the amended version of what I came up with.

                    Again 1-3 make the playoffs. 4-9 now go into what I am calling the Play On into the Playoffs.

                    Setting up our 1-6. The lowest rated seed left after this round is eliminated. The weighting is just like the lottery but in reverse. 9 could knock off number 1 and still be eliminated.

                    In a ideal 1-6 set up 3 and 6 are the most exposed. Keep in my that any team can get botted in a given year.

                    The deal becomes you have to be willing to trade the what we would call around here the ass up out team in exchange for the enhanced mediaratti and the enhanced revenue, marketing etc that comes with it.

                    Having said that this now become an issue for the owners. So I am now talking to to you directly.

                    Keep in mind 1-3 are already in the playoffs. To enhance my first plan what I am proposing for 4-9 part is shortening the regular season to 76 games for the first three and I am inserting a best of 5 series 2 2 and 1 style for the next 6.

                    Thus creating a window into the playoffs.

                    This would start at the beginning of April and end right about the same time the regular season does now.

                    The three whom make it are most exposed. The upset not an upset factor is what you have to accept in exchange for the enhanced mediaratti and all that comes with it.

                    There are a lot of little twist.

                    Somebody is going to get a proper spanking is what it comes down to in the end. I can see Charles and Shaq right now. Gone Fishing is out. The Big Paddle is in.

                    Also it is in theory possible that 4 and 5 could tie or pass 3 for sure and an outside chance at 2 and 1 in the east. Unlikely in the west on the ladder.

                    To add suspense the tie breakers for the possible reseed ends with game 76. This will give you a little bit of a shiv if you will to balance things.

                    And there you go.


                    The Voice of a New Generation.


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                      Wow. That went over well. The energy surrounding it all is really strong. Who can't wait For the Big Paddle?

                      The Voice of a New Generation.