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anyone else feel like they're watching wwe with rhe nfl?

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  • anyone else feel like they're watching wwe with rhe nfl?

    It seems like the refs are deciding every game lately - almost scripted.
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    That was not enough imo to overturn the call on the field. He took 3 steps with the ball secured. Moot point, they can say and do whatever they want. RODGERS will get put out of the game vs Seattle


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      Originally posted by Hartley View Post
      It seems like the refs are deciding every game lately - scripted.
      Fck the almost.

      That IS a catch. I don't care what the specifics of the rule is. To 99% of the people watching, THAT IS A CATCH! He's under control, so much so, that he is REACHING for the goal with the ball. If he didn't have control, he'd be trying to bring it into his body.

      I'm not going to cry for Dallas, I hate both teams, but that was bull$hit.

      ... and I don't want to hear "it's the same as the Calvin Johnson non-catch vs the Bears" That was a BS too. So now you're using that poor call to support this one.

      Yeah yeah, letter of the rules.

      THAT IS a CATCH.
      "If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.


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        Fuck you, Tiger


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          On the review end of the 1st half Rodgers pass, was there visual evidence the ball touched (no, bounced off) the ground? Yes. On Dez, was there visual evidence the ball touched the ground? No.

          Rodgers, catch. Dez, no catch.

          If the ball bounces off the ground, that's auto incomplete. If the ball never touched the ground, it doesn't matter if it bounces 10 feet in the air. Still complete.
          Fuck you, Tiger


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            By the end of Lucky, may be glad Roger fixed another game. Lucky doesn't win but covers and the game goes over, thank you very much Rog.
            Fuck you, Tiger


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              Originally posted by analyzer View Post
              Fck the almost.

              That IS a catch. I don't care what the specifics of the rule is. To 99% of the people watching, THAT IS A CATCH!

              THAT IS a CATCH.

              First thing I thought was what will analyzer say. Lol

              I just don't unsterstand how that got overturned

              As someone who has reffed I always want to hear your take
              “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”– Marcus Aurelius


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                Watched it like 20 times now lol

                Even Pereira the in house review ref said he would rule it incomplete
                He said extending for goal line not a football move. I just think he had control.
                Guess not because I was shocked they overruled it. If called incomplete I could see it. Well Cowboys caught some breaks along the way even though that shouldn't matter on any play today.
                “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”– Marcus Aurelius


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                  I think we'll see a host of changes to the NFL review rules next year.

                  First, I think they'll extend the challenge to pass interference penalties. It's done now in the CFL and there have been a host of reversals because of the new rule there. Pass interference is just too big a part of the game to not allow a challenge on it.

                  Second, I expect the league to give some sort of discretion to the refs for calls like today to determine if it was the intention of the player to do something. In better words as Alan Dershowitz once said to me "this is a judgement call, it's not the talmud and as such those making the calls should be allowed to use some discretion and common sense."

                  Third, I would like to see some sort of decision by committee on turnovers and touchdowns. In better words I would like to see the referee a replay official and someone from the league to observe a replay together and make a majority decision for the call.

                  Last I would like to see the challenge rule changed to allow for 3 challenges and 4 if the first or second is upheld.

                  What say you?
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                    I say fuck the NFL, fuck Roger Goodell and fuck Christie and Jerry. Two weeks in a row officials decided the outcome of a game arbitrarily. Let's make it a trifecta next Sunday!
                    Fuck you, Tiger


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                      I HAVE been on the other side of the fence, where I have to rule by the technical nature of the book, rather than what seems to be the popular opinion.

                      When I ump softball, on a "catch", there are two parts to the rule:

                      1. Catch/secure the ball.
                      2. Intentionally release the ball.

                      There are times when a guy catches the ball, takes a step collides with the fence, and the ball pops out, or dives, catches the ball, rolls, and the ball pops out. In both cases, to casual observers, teammates, etc, it appears to be a catch, with the argument, "he had it", or "he had it-long enough".

                      But that is NOT the rule. The rule is, the player has to secure the ball, AND intentionally release it from their glove. In both of those examples, the player did NOT intentionally release the ball. The batter is NOT out.

                      I have seen older veteran ball players, on the 3rd out, catch the ball, and immediately throw it to the ground, or another outfielder, before they hit the fence, ground, etc, to pass the "intentionally released" portion of the rule.


                      In this case, it is probably similar, as he has to go to the ground with possession. I suppose it is a learning situation for Dez. Next time he "catches the ball" if he is going to the ground, he shouldn't reach out. (I hate that hole "reach out for the goal line thing" anyway... it gets alot of players in trouble, especially if it's not 4th down, and not necessary to reach).

                      I'm not saying the ref's were wrong in their ruling by the book, but to me, on the surface, THAT is a CATCH, and should be ruled as such. Screw the rules. Just like a ball player catching the ball, and taking a full step, hitting the wall, and the ball popping loose. Screw the rules, it's a catch.

                      I have a glaring question that needs answered. WHY is Dallas, and Baltimore, throwing deep with just a couple minutes left, and the ball at the 40. Wouldn't it be prudent to score AND use up the remaining clock? Had either Baltimore or Dallas scored on those plays, they would have given two of the best QB's in the game, plenty of time to traverse the field, and score the winning points. Why aren't you trying to dink and dunk, ground and pound out a score, while using almost all of the remaining time?
                      "If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.


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                        Dez Bryant still seeking answers of why his 'football move' nullified a brilliant catch – and it was a catch - Yahoo Sports

                        "Forget what the rule says, this was a catch. Once Bryant brought the ball in after planting two feet on the ground, he should have the right of full possession. When he put a third foot on the ground he was now running after a reception.

                        When he dove and reached for the end zone he was making a so-called "football move," unless somehow trying to score a playoff-winning touchdown in the final minutes at Lambeau Field could be construed as something other than a football move.".... Dan Wetzel

                        If they allow it, the game goes "over". I assume the whole country had the over.

                        (I did not have a dog in the fight, but rulings like this one, make me alot less interested in watching).
                        "If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.


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                          Regarding the NE "controversial" play vs Baltimore, from an officials standpoint, I'd say to harbaugh: 'suck rocks'.


                          On any given play, the offense is required to have at least 7 men on the line of scrimmage. Only the players on each end of the line are eligible, along with the other 3 players who are atleast 1 yard off the line of scrimmage. (there are some QB eligible rules but we won't get into those... it's basically if the QB has his hands under center, he's part of the line of scrimmage and ineligible)

                          So, when a guy reports his eligibility or Ineligibility, it's really a redundancy. It's to help officials keep track of who is eligible and who is not for the purpose of "ineligible man downfield", "ineligible touching" etc, because it is often a player with an unusual number.

                          If a team lines up in an unbalanced formation, with Tackle and Guard on one side, and Guard, Tackle, TE, WR on the other... the TE on the line of scrimmage is "covered" by the WR and is Ineligible to go downfield, or to receive a pass.

                          I do NOT feel sorry for the defense or mr. Harbaugh. It's one thing if the field is covered in snow, or some 8th grade field with poor markings, but this is a manicured NFL field, with 1 yard hash marks. It should be easy for the defensive players to look and see who is on the line and who is OFF the line. Any player OFF the line is eligible, and for those ON the line of scrimmage, only the ones at each end are eligible. You shouldn't need some zebra to tell you such things.

                          I wonder how they would fair in High School football in California, where the A11 has been a hot item the past few years:

                          Basic concepts

                          The most striking characteristic of the A-11 is its use of an "Emory & Henry"-style spread formation,[4] with the players on the line of scrimmage spread across the field as if they were wide receivers. In conventional formations (including the Emory & Henry), five of these players are offensive linemen. In the A-11, however, players who play any position may be stationed across the line.

                          This was possible because, at the time the A-11 offense was created, a loophole existed in the high school rule books that allowed teams in a "scrimmage kick" (i.e., a punt or field goal) formation to be exempted from numbering requirements. Instead of including five offensive linemen who wear uniform numbers in a specific range and who are obviously ineligible to receive a pass, any player wearing any number can be used anywhere on the field. Since there were no restrictions concerning when the "scrimmage kick" exemption could be used or not used, the A-11 offense could be used on every down.[5]

                          To use the scrimmage kick formation exemption, the player who receives the snap (presumably the kicker or placeholder) must stand at least seven yards behind the line of scrimmage. The A-11 places the quarterback in that position, which becomes a deep shotgun formation. This has the effect of reducing the need for offensive line protection since defensive players have more ground to cover before reaching the passer. The offense also places an additional passing back (similar to the wildcat offense) in the backfield next to the quarterback, creating the potential for either one to run or pass the ball.[5]

                          The A-11 still must abide by rules which cap the number of eligible receivers at five (maximum six if the quarterback hands the ball off or laterals to an ineligible receiver who then passes the ball). However, it is unclear which players will be eligible until just before the snap, making pass coverage more difficult; the eligible numbered players could interchange between eligible and ineligible positions after each play. The use of eligible numbers on every player on the field, coupled with the deep position of the quarterback, forces more of the defense personnel to go into "pass defense" mode and puts less focus on run defense or pass rushing.[2]

                          So lets imagine for a second, the QB lining up 7 yards back, and ALL 10 of his teammates spread across the line of scrimmage ON the line, with like 3 yard splits between each. He starts his cadence. 3 random players step back. It might be the 3 on the left, or the 3 on the right, or 3 in the middle, or 1 on the left, the right tackle, and the one on the right, etc. You can basically make ANY of the players eligible.

                          So 3 players step back. They are eligible, and the two remaining players on each end of the line are eligible (for this example, lets say the left tackle, left guard, and right tackle all step back), they are now all eligible, and also the two WR's at each end of the line. They step back, get set for 1 second, and the ball is snapped.

                          There are no fatties on the field. The defense is basically required to cover EVERYONE, because on any given play, ANYONE can be an eligible receiver. I suppose if you set up unbalanced, and had the right guys step back, you could even make the center eligible.

                          It's REALLY rough on the officials. As they have 1 second to recognize who is 1 yard off, and who is on each end. They run the Oregon type hurry up, and it goes really really fast.

                          NO, I don't feel sorry for Bmore. Read and know the rules. And frankly, I'm certain Mr. Harbaugh does, he was just trying to get in the officials head.

                          And incidentally, the replays showed Vereen reporting ineligible, AND the official pointing it out to the defensive captain, so the officials did their due diligence anyway.
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                          "If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.


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                            What I'd like to know is how Bryant's catch was ruled no catch but Cobb's "catch" near the end of the first half which clearly hit the ground was ruled a catch.
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                              Maybe the solution is to do like they do in NCAA and have all replays reviewed and decided by someone in the replay booth rather than the referee on the field?
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